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i really loved this game. please make a sequel!
only thing i would ask you to add: mouse-option.
its my personal preference, i just like not having to use the keyboard.
but as i said i loved the game anyway!
thank you :)

i don´t know how to rank this. i like idle games (good ones) because they numb my mind. when i am ill (i am chronically ill so from time to time i can´t do much more than lay around and hang in the internet) and have to hang around i can fool myself into believing that i am still doing something while watching movies or whatever.
i like this one, but i guess i don´t get the dynamics. i have 60k damage bonus from orbs and a lot of medals and items and still i can´t even reach the squid.
what am i doing wrong? PM me if someone has a good idea ^^
@developers thanks for your game. it takes my mind off of other things. for that i disabled my adblocker so u get some cash, i hope. babas :)

i like your game. only thing: for some reason it just froze and nothing i did changed that. (and ive got a good notebook so....)
but i still like it :)

dont stop me now because im having a good time, having a good time....

thanks for this game. 120 hero souls so far

at first i thought "what the f...is this?"

i started playing and found it to be really great. it is fun and very ...meditative...makes me clear my mind for a while. thanks a lot for this game!

Great Game ...but there are buts ^^

really great game. as others have allready said the only innerviating things are the lack of masstrade, massbuilding and masstroopgeneration. everything else is great. and if you expand that game with more missions, possibilities, dungeons it would be a real thrill. i enjoy games like these. and here something for all the others: i stopped playing at explvl something about 3.000.000. the only way i was able to actually build the troops i needed was by using ghostmouse/remouse. usually said to be cheating but in this case it merely helped to balance out the missing massproduction buttons. and a little hint: if you have some time rather spend your silver on masses of mills and then use the lumber to build thousands of hovels. that way you will increase your income of gold/silver. i measured about 13000 gold every 50 seconds at a population of about 130.000. i know, geeky, but i´m sick at home, bored, and i was like "darn i want to beat the hardest dungeon, whatever it may cost". it took a few entire armies to notice that a humungus one is needed. most of the units were about 1500, warriors, boggins 15000, even knights 1500, only cultists, mages and clerics were 100 each. so the last time i tried i made sure to have enough ^^.
@Creator thank you very much for this game and please enlarge and update it, i would really enjoy that. thanks again. GrumPM

Good game but *sniff* still haven`t won even once

it is fun to play but becomes very frustryting after a while because of "three date thingy" and the little extra at the end (allthough i saw it coming i only pushed my strengh to somethng between 65 and 75, thought it would suffice. int and cha where maxed out...kinda my style).
it is addictive, though.
gonna make it...just...*mumble*...emu....*#?{arghh%#

(a must for evey simdate fan ^^)

absolute humbug

this is an embarassment for ng

totaly inapropiate



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