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Grand. A really magnificent work of art. Thank you. ;)

Yup :)

You are so awesome....

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i really loved this game. please make a sequel!
only thing i would ask you to add: mouse-option.
its my personal preference, i just like not having to use the keyboard.
but as i said i loved the game anyway!
thank you :)

i don´t know how to rank this. i like idle games (good ones) because they numb my mind. when i am ill (i am chronically ill so from time to time i can´t do much more than lay around and hang in the internet) and have to hang around i can fool myself into believing that i am still doing something while watching movies or whatever.
i like this one, but i guess i don´t get the dynamics. i have 60k damage bonus from orbs and a lot of medals and items and still i can´t even reach the squid.
what am i doing wrong? PM me if someone has a good idea ^^
@developers thanks for your game. it takes my mind off of other things. for that i disabled my adblocker so u get some cash, i hope. babas :)

i like your game. only thing: for some reason it just froze and nothing i did changed that. (and ive got a good notebook so....)
but i still like it :)

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>>Tank you for this. I am in a dark place and this helped me to renew my life energy. Thank you :)

All the awesomness belongs to you :)

BFrey responds:

thank you lad

estamos contigo siempre :)

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this is awesome. thank you. i did some stuff with eggs in the past (just p*ss off some peeps) but i love this. great art. all my stars belong to you. and... happy eastern ... i guess? :)

Not my thing but eroticaly ( english is not my main language plus my pc is dying) reminds me of a stephen king novel. so.... thanks ;)

wickedserum responds:

Mwahaha, you're welcome.

Thank you



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